For Sale




 Brownie is an almost 2 year old chocolate bitch, who is looking for that very special home.

She hasn't had much to do with men when we got her and it took her a good month to be comfortable with my husband, now she  just thinks he is the bee's knees and loves spending time with him but it did take time.

Brownie is a happy girl once she gets to know you as you can see in the video, she loves walks and water  and loves  to retrieve but I don't think hunting would be her happy place.But  who knows with the right person she maybe she would be ok

 Brownie is fully health tested , hips elbows eyes and DNA done.

 She has had one litter ,She was the most fantastic mum and  loved her babies  and produced some absolutely gorgeous babies..

Now for the negative

While Brownie is happy and outgoing  now, it will take her quite some time to  warm to her new family, she is nervous and  very unsure  to begin with. She  doesn't take to strangers very well and is  likely to run and hide , but we have noticed as time  has gone on and we have ignored her behaviour or even told her to behave herself she has got considerably  better.

  . I do not think she would be good with young small children. The grand kids were here for the last 2 weeks ( age 7 and 9) after 2 weeks  she finally would come up to them for a pat but was  unsure. She would NOT cope with  babies crawling over her at all and if you have young  babies or toddlers this is not the girl for your family .

She would love to be on a farm or lifestyle block  

reason for placing her,

 I think she would be much better and happier if she was  a member of a small family with perhaps another big dog,   we have a fox terrier and she is fine with her but I don't know how she would handle  a small yappy  dog, as she doesn't like puppies  jumping up at her ( which is understandable )

Brownie will be spayed before she leaves and this will be her cost